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Sabrina Gomez Vila!

Aerospace engineer and supervisor of the Fleet Performance Team at Airbus


Sabrina Gomez Vila completed her Bachelors of Aerospace Engineering from Ryerson University in 2016, with an emphasis on Management Sciences for Engineers. During her time at University, she was the Team Manager of Ryerson Formula, an engineering design team that builds racecars ( 


Shortly after completing her degree, Sabrina started working at Bombardier Aerospace as an Engineering Analyst in the Maintenance Engineering Department. In this position, she has had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects overseeing the Reliability & Maintenance Cost of both the Q400 and the CRJ aircraft. Here, she worked with different engineering teams from different aviation companies and airlines to solve issues for the worldwide fleet.


Sabrina completed her Masters of Engineering at the University of Toronto in June 2020. Shortly after completing her masters, Sabrina joined Mallory, who was also last month’s FemSTEAMptbo Mentor, in a mission to inspire all students to consider a career in STEM through educational video games!


Recently, she joined Airbus Canada as the Section Chief (Supervisor) of the Fleet Performance Team in the Maintenance Engineering department. This team looks after the overall performance and reliability of the A220 aircraft, formerly known as the CSeries. 


Ginelle Johnston!

Manager A220 Maintenance Engineering at Airbus

Ginelle grew up in the farm fields of Alberta attending a school with 100 students from grade 1 to grade 8. After completing high school she went on to do an undergraduate degree in Engineering Physics at Queen’s University, and a masters in Quantum physics (fancy name for playing with lasers) at the University of Toronto.

After finishing her schooling, she received her first opportunity working at Bombardier aerospace as an aircraft economics analyst for a new aircraft type, the CSeries. She was quickly recognized for her application of statistics and analytics to all areas of business.


After a few years as an analyst her company was bought by Airbus, a bigger aerospace company, and she was asked to rebuild her team as a supervisor. One year later she was asked to take a more senior role running the department. 


In her role today, Ginelle has three (fantastic) teams, of engineers, analysts and technicians. They are responsible for developing the requirements for aircraft maintenance, monitoring aircraft performance - did the plane take off on time?, is it too expensive to fly? Etc. - and working with airlines to have the best possible aircraft.


Fun fact the Cseries (now A220) is flying in Canada with Air Canada. You will recognize it from its big windows and unique seating 3 seats on one side and 2 on the other.

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